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Hi Everyone,


Please support Landsharks for Lifesavers and the restaurants listed below that are owned by Oceanside families during this extremely difficult time for them!!  Here is more information about Landsharks for Lifesavers and a list of restaurants doing takeout and/or delivery.  If any other restaurants need to be added let me know at :

Dog and Duck –


Joey Tomatoes –


Freddo –


Pages Okra Grill –


Carmen y Juan –


Landsharks for Lifesavers –

As a school we want to show our support to the Health Care providers fighting on the front lines of this pandemic.  Oceanside wants to show a small token of our appreciation for their commitment and bravery.
The least we can do is buy them lunch!  A donation of $10 will buy one lunch with the goal  to provide for 100 Health Care Providers.  If we exceed our goal we can provide more.  Please show your support for those that are “going to work so we can stay home.” We are planning to utilize those restaurants that have supported us. The goal of this fundraiser is to both show appreciation for our healthcare workers and support our local restaurants.